Monday, 7 January 2013

One does begin to wonder...

Due to circumstance and coincidence, I have been offered the chance to work with and be tutored by an ex-drama school lecturer, for free I might add (And Sophia scores!) The lessons have actually been really interesting and insightful, in more ways than one.

Most of the work that we've been doing has been very focused on voice and how you have to warm up the whole body in order for your voice to work to it's full potential. An actors instrument is their body and so it needs to be warmed up in all drama-ry ways possible (50% of which could cause others to question ones mental health)

Of course, I think to myself as I'm asked to massage my whole face. Why not?, I think as I'm asked to walk about the room as if I have a tail that's dragging on the ground behind me and supporting me. Alright this is a little strange but it's probably normal, I think as the he puts his hands around my lower abdomen and upper buttocks (cheeky), applying pressure to feel my breathing, he's a drama person, this is all rather intense arty farty shit, and if I'm serious, I must commit! 

Then, rather abruptly I was asked by the same creature in question, 'Have you ever been taught about vaginal breathing?' Now, I'm not one to jump to conclusions. My parents always told me that assumptions were the mother of all fuck ups. However, for someone to come dangerously close to fondling my bottom and then asking about my personal experience involving vaginal breathing, well, you do being to wonder...

The thing to do would have been to act casual and produce some witty response. Yours truly did not do so. Instead, I proceeded to giggle like a school girl with, 'Umm, haha, well, hahahahahehehehe, no, not really anyway, teehehehehe!' Could I have been more immature or idiotic? I was then reassured with 'Oh but don't worry it's much worse for men. For men it's anal breathing.'

You can imagine how much that comforted me.

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