Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Bizarre Encounters

I think it's about time that I told you a story. Have you ever been in a situation that you least expected? Maybe met someone you never thought to talk to? Then when that moment arrived, it turned out to be one of the weirdest moments of your life? Like when you are sitting with your friends, eating lunch in the school canteen and someone who you have never talked to in your life comes to sit with you. This is a person that you may never have thought twice and or never desired to come into contact with. Well, I had such an encounter a couple of years ago that is still fresh in my mind...

Once upon a time, Sophia was talking to a group of friends in school about going on holiday to Poland and travelling through the Polish countryside by car. A Polish student then appeared and decided to contribute to the conversation...

Polish Person: When you were driving you probably saw all the many dead cats, no?
Sophia: Dead cats?
Polish Person: Yes, on the side of the road. All the time! All the time!
Sophia: Ummm... no I don't think I saw any actually - 
Polish Person: - there are so many! And the smell is awful! You know? 
Sophia: I can only imagine.
Polish Person: It's like the inside of a coffin. Have you smelt the inside of a coffin?
Sophia: I can't say that I have, no. 
Polish Person: It is horrible! I was there when they opened a coffin that was 10 years old! Pfff! It was disgusting, you know?!
Sophia: Uh-huh.

Following this encounter there are a few points I feel need to be made: firstly, I was driving for about 4 hours and didn't see any dead cats, and secondly, why would someone upon spotting a dead cat, or any kind of road kill for that matter, stop to smell it? Who thinks, 'Oooohhh would you look at that! I bet it smells lovely. Let just pull over had have a quick whiff... Oh no! Oh god! I was wrong! It smells really bad!'

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