Saturday, 15 June 2013

'Will you accept the challenge that lies before you?'

Good news to one and all, Sophia has got a job! Oh yes! Really there is no need for applause... I was only joking, you may continue. That's right, yours truly is with work. Soon I will be working at none other than a London theatre and the interview was as smooth as a baby's bottom.

A celebratory drink in The Nags Head in Covent Garden

Well, I suppose things could have gone a little smoother. It didn't help that my friend Mattie and I got on the wrong tube to start with and that we only noticed until we were nearly out of London. When we finally emerged from the underground we had to power walk all the way until I finally reached my destination. Upon arriving, I didn't hesitate to remove all possible items of clothing that were increasing my body heat, but I WASN'T NAKED! Because I know that's what you were all thinking. And throughout the whole of the interview, I had to elegantly wipe the sweat and my upper lip. Well as elegantly as one can, and probably ended up looking like I was just a keen face massager.

I was then speedily whisked through the theatre to a lovely bar/lounge where the interview was to take place. The three people conducting were all lovely and I was really excited but maybe a little too excited. It went as follows:

INTERVIEWER: So why do you want to work in theatre?
SOPHIA: Well I have always been extremely passionate about all aspects of theatre, I just think it's brilliant!
INTERVIEWER: And why specifically do you want to work for this theatre?
SOPHIA: First of all it's in London which is a-great and just so brilliant *haha* and it's the *name of theatre*! I mean it's brilliant, amazing and so BRILLIANT!

Articulation failed me. Then came two of the most pointless questions you get in every single job interview you will ever go to:

INTERVIEWER: How would you describe yourself in three words?

followed by...

INTERVIEWER: If your friends could describe you in three words, what would they be?

They give you not one but two opportunities to make yourself look amazing for them... WHY? How does that make sense? For all they know you could be lying through your teeth! And British people are programmed to be modest so this is always a particularly tricky exercise. I mean I can't help thinking, they should need more verification of your good-ness. For example they could change the second question to:

INTERVIEWER: In this part of the interview, you may choose one friend to call on your phone to whom I shall ask how they describe you in not one, not two, but three words. Will you accept the challenge that lies before you?

*Queue Countdown music*

And  that's how you keep things interesting! Anyway, somehow I got the job. 

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