Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Shoes... BAM!

As much as I hate cliché's, I'm afraid I do yield a particular one...


I do I do I dooooooooo - Kenan and Kel style (how good was that show?) Any sort or any kind, I must have them! High heels shoes are of course the favourite. Although when you are tall and choose to wear high heels, you do then achieve Giant status and proceed to hang over the room like an unwelcome fart. Due to this I don't wear heels all too often... but that doesn't stop me from buying them *mwhahahaha*

All UK readers must have, at some point, seen the advert for a website called which I checked out and oh sweet lord what beautiful shoes there are there are there are, what beautiful shoes there are! AND when you sign up with them you get 20% off your first purchase! Who could resist such a tempting offer? And boy did I find just the pair I needed. Not your any old skyscraper heels, oh no, I chose the accessory shoe*.
Shoes were £28 with discount... BAM!
Shoes that jazz up a simple jeans, white shirt, blazer affair. Then BAM! Slip on these beauties and 'nuff said. So when you walk down the street people will look at you from top to bottom saying 'That girl's not wearing anything special...' Then BAM! 'Hang on a minute, those shoes are gorgeous! Man that girl is looking fiiiiiine!' Never under estimate the power of the BAM! 

*At this point I would just like to clarify that I am no expert fashionista so all terminology used  is as a result of my inarticulacy. 


  1. Wow these are stunning what a nice colour!! I love shoes too im addicted to ALDO lol. What a bargain.

    Who loves orange soda?? Haha sorry couldnt resist i loved that show too.

  2. I love the colour so cute and a great price too :)
    Lovely blog xx

  3. So cute! How tall are you?

    xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter

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