Sunday, 21 July 2013

One Disclosure

Ah, Sunday you have come around once more. I always feel like Sunday is supposed to be the lazy day of the week. Friday evening it is expected of one to engage in all sorts of celebratory frivolity that the week is over and Saturday is the day for shopping/re-organising/replying to those e-mails from an old friend that you meant to reply to but you haven't had the time yet, and the Saturday evening is a continuation of the merriment that begun the night before. Well, seeing as it is Sunday (and I haven't crawled out of my pyjamas just yet) it only feels right that I should reveal to you another confession of mine.

Honestly, I am a little confused right now. I am not entirely sure that what I about to confess should in fact be a confession or an 'out and proud' thing. You see the subject matter is in some respects a delicate one and ones opinion of oneself could change in an instant depending on ones beliefs. There is also the risk that I may loose faithful readers and/or followers based on the information that I am about to divulge. The subject matter is of course, One Direction.

Sometimes it helps to use ear plugs and appreciate them as god intended...
From this crucial piece of information you may have pieced together the puzzle and come to the conclusion that I am in fact an admirer of this popular musical ensemble. If so, I congratulate you on your powers of deduction! Before I continue, I must stress that I am not a... what is it they are called? 'Directionlers'? 'OneDees'? Whatever they call their fan base. Should I see one of the famous troupe, I find it highly unlikely that I would burst into tears, try to grab hold of one of their limbs, or throw my underwear at them (that's just unhygienic and I might be wearing a pair I really like! And think about how financially you'd be spending so much money on replacing the undergarments that you threw at them in the first place... I feel we're side tracking) That being said, I have never been in that situation but I will keep you updated should developments occur.

Yes, yes yes, they are a little cheesy and they are incredibly over sold but I love 'em I do! Kiss You never fails to put me in a good mood! It's such a happy, catchy tune! Don't ya' think? And so what if I know all the words to What Makes You Beautiful.I also may be a little excited for the release of their new single Best Song Ever. I have my doubts of course that it may not actually be the best song ever but I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless.

And yes, it may help that they are reasonably good looking young chaps. Don't judge me! Directioners (is that it?) back me up here!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Fashion Friday

Today's entry darling readers is going to be all about FASHION!

Oh yes, yours truly is going to show you how to strut you stuff in the latest hot fashion trends of this seasons summer collections! That last sentence was just words/clich├ęs I heard, somewhere, about clothes... I think? 

As stated before in 'Shoes... Bam!' I actually no nothing about fashion, or am not qualified enough to express an opinion on it. I have a history of wearing dungarees age 13, cutting my hair to 'boy' length age 11 (because I wanted to be different), wearing a multi-coloured beanie ALL THE TIME, also age 11 and huge bell bottom trousers. Those were rough years *shudder* But I think I was just ahead of my time because some of those items are 'in' at the moment (pixie cuts and... well some fashionista must be wearing dungarees again!)

And so, we begin...

Modelling skills. 

*Shirt - Zara * Trousers - Stradivarius * Shoes - JustFab *

Apart from the fact that I can't actually sit down in these trousers, and the shirt being two sizes too big, I love wearing them! The material on the trousers is light and the print isn't too over the top but still says, 'Yeah boi, I look good!' Recognise the shoes? Yes, the BAM! shoes from are looking just fab (pun intended) in bringing out the little bit of pink in the trousers. I didn't want the shirt to distract from the crazy good looking-ness going on below so a simple white collared blouse I felt was the way to go.

Outfit complete, totter off to work in it, go out for lunch in it, shopping, on a date, out with friends etc. Anytime, anywhere, it will be fool proof.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sophia's 10 Facts

These are in fact '10 facts about myself', but somehow that didn't have a good ring to it.

Sophia, why are you letting us know these potentially interesting things about yourself? I hear you ask and that is indeed a fantastic question. Well my keen-eyed reader, I think ones audience feels better when one reveals more about oneself. They take comfort in knowing who they are taking an interest in. Gee whiz, thank you Sophia! Now I understand. (In super hero voice) Anytime my friend. Anytime.

So let us begin!

1. Beer. Yes, beer. Ksssssssss oh the heavenly sound of a cold can opening on a hot summers day is pure bliss!

2. Sometimes I can't tell my sisters apart. You'd think the fact that they aren't twins would help but... I also occasionally call them the wrong name too... I'm a bad sister. 

3. There is a possibility that I may be Miranda Harts long lost sister. Or cousin. Well when I say possibility I mean that I have been compared to her more that a few times. As well as being a fan of her TV show... such fun!

4... is one of my favourite numbers. Number five just seems so pompous.

5. I have a one of a kind of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe pop art. To be clear, it is only a poster copy and I once tried to stick a fake moustache on the upper lip. It didn't cling on as well as I hoped but dear Marilyn still has a shadow there of where it once was.
I am proud of this. 
6. In 2011 I did I skydive which nearly made my bodily fluids erupt from all possible areas... but they didn't so we're all good. Snaps for Sophia!

7. I can recite the films Blazing Saddles, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, and the musicals Rent and The Producers word for word from start to finish. Some people think it's not something to be proud of, whereas I believe it is a great power. And with great power comes great responsibility does it not?... Why am I asking you? 

8. I only joined twitter last Sunday. Yay! I tried to resist the mainstream, but alas I failed. 'Tweeting' is now officially part of my vocabulary.

9. I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry. Oh and Rihanna. If I have to explain to you why, you better dig yourself out of that hole you have been living in for the past 5 years.

10. My dog took a shit in the middle of the road the other day. Just thought you might like to know... 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

I have a confession(s)...

I have a confession. In fact a few confessions... maybe more than a few... it may take months, nay years to reveal them all. So I feel like it would be therapeutic or in fact healing to set my self free of some of these burdens.

Oh dear I'm stalling with all this dribble going on and on... right let's not beat about the bush. Here goes my first confession...

I am addicted to Geordie Shore! No, no, please don't cry out in despair. But yes, it is my guilty pleasure. The worst part is that I'm not even shore why (see what I did there?) It could possibly be a combination of laughing at the stupidity of the show as a concept and it's 'stars'. They are absolutely disgusting most of the time but some are also endearing. By the way, I have a million and one opinions on the relationships between Charlotte and Gaz. Why is it so entertaining?!

Bertie loves nothing more than watching a bit of Geordie Shore with me. 

And come on, everyone has their favourite trash TV show. For example my sister LOVES watching the Bachelorette. Or maybe if isn't a TV show it's getting lost in the weird and wonderful world of YouTube in the hope of watching something like THIS.

But holy moley I can't get over how much the Geordie Shore people drink! I mean I'm partial to getting 'mortal' (on occasion) but wow can they drink. Their pre-drink includes about ten shots of something ghastly and then the night begins. After I've consumed ten shots, it would in fact be safer for me and the rest of humanity, to stay at home.

What's your secret TV indulgence?