Friday, 19 July 2013

Fashion Friday

Today's entry darling readers is going to be all about FASHION!

Oh yes, yours truly is going to show you how to strut you stuff in the latest hot fashion trends of this seasons summer collections! That last sentence was just words/clich├ęs I heard, somewhere, about clothes... I think? 

As stated before in 'Shoes... Bam!' I actually no nothing about fashion, or am not qualified enough to express an opinion on it. I have a history of wearing dungarees age 13, cutting my hair to 'boy' length age 11 (because I wanted to be different), wearing a multi-coloured beanie ALL THE TIME, also age 11 and huge bell bottom trousers. Those were rough years *shudder* But I think I was just ahead of my time because some of those items are 'in' at the moment (pixie cuts and... well some fashionista must be wearing dungarees again!)

And so, we begin...

Modelling skills. 

*Shirt - Zara * Trousers - Stradivarius * Shoes - JustFab *

Apart from the fact that I can't actually sit down in these trousers, and the shirt being two sizes too big, I love wearing them! The material on the trousers is light and the print isn't too over the top but still says, 'Yeah boi, I look good!' Recognise the shoes? Yes, the BAM! shoes from are looking just fab (pun intended) in bringing out the little bit of pink in the trousers. I didn't want the shirt to distract from the crazy good looking-ness going on below so a simple white collared blouse I felt was the way to go.

Outfit complete, totter off to work in it, go out for lunch in it, shopping, on a date, out with friends etc. Anytime, anywhere, it will be fool proof.

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