Sunday, 14 July 2013

I have a confession(s)...

I have a confession. In fact a few confessions... maybe more than a few... it may take months, nay years to reveal them all. So I feel like it would be therapeutic or in fact healing to set my self free of some of these burdens.

Oh dear I'm stalling with all this dribble going on and on... right let's not beat about the bush. Here goes my first confession...

I am addicted to Geordie Shore! No, no, please don't cry out in despair. But yes, it is my guilty pleasure. The worst part is that I'm not even shore why (see what I did there?) It could possibly be a combination of laughing at the stupidity of the show as a concept and it's 'stars'. They are absolutely disgusting most of the time but some are also endearing. By the way, I have a million and one opinions on the relationships between Charlotte and Gaz. Why is it so entertaining?!

Bertie loves nothing more than watching a bit of Geordie Shore with me. 

And come on, everyone has their favourite trash TV show. For example my sister LOVES watching the Bachelorette. Or maybe if isn't a TV show it's getting lost in the weird and wonderful world of YouTube in the hope of watching something like THIS.

But holy moley I can't get over how much the Geordie Shore people drink! I mean I'm partial to getting 'mortal' (on occasion) but wow can they drink. Their pre-drink includes about ten shots of something ghastly and then the night begins. After I've consumed ten shots, it would in fact be safer for me and the rest of humanity, to stay at home.

What's your secret TV indulgence? 

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