Sunday, 21 July 2013

One Disclosure

Ah, Sunday you have come around once more. I always feel like Sunday is supposed to be the lazy day of the week. Friday evening it is expected of one to engage in all sorts of celebratory frivolity that the week is over and Saturday is the day for shopping/re-organising/replying to those e-mails from an old friend that you meant to reply to but you haven't had the time yet, and the Saturday evening is a continuation of the merriment that begun the night before. Well, seeing as it is Sunday (and I haven't crawled out of my pyjamas just yet) it only feels right that I should reveal to you another confession of mine.

Honestly, I am a little confused right now. I am not entirely sure that what I about to confess should in fact be a confession or an 'out and proud' thing. You see the subject matter is in some respects a delicate one and ones opinion of oneself could change in an instant depending on ones beliefs. There is also the risk that I may loose faithful readers and/or followers based on the information that I am about to divulge. The subject matter is of course, One Direction.

Sometimes it helps to use ear plugs and appreciate them as god intended...
From this crucial piece of information you may have pieced together the puzzle and come to the conclusion that I am in fact an admirer of this popular musical ensemble. If so, I congratulate you on your powers of deduction! Before I continue, I must stress that I am not a... what is it they are called? 'Directionlers'? 'OneDees'? Whatever they call their fan base. Should I see one of the famous troupe, I find it highly unlikely that I would burst into tears, try to grab hold of one of their limbs, or throw my underwear at them (that's just unhygienic and I might be wearing a pair I really like! And think about how financially you'd be spending so much money on replacing the undergarments that you threw at them in the first place... I feel we're side tracking) That being said, I have never been in that situation but I will keep you updated should developments occur.

Yes, yes yes, they are a little cheesy and they are incredibly over sold but I love 'em I do! Kiss You never fails to put me in a good mood! It's such a happy, catchy tune! Don't ya' think? And so what if I know all the words to What Makes You Beautiful.I also may be a little excited for the release of their new single Best Song Ever. I have my doubts of course that it may not actually be the best song ever but I'm sure I'll enjoy it nonetheless.

And yes, it may help that they are reasonably good looking young chaps. Don't judge me! Directioners (is that it?) back me up here!

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