Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Sophia's 10 Facts

These are in fact '10 facts about myself', but somehow that didn't have a good ring to it.

Sophia, why are you letting us know these potentially interesting things about yourself? I hear you ask and that is indeed a fantastic question. Well my keen-eyed reader, I think ones audience feels better when one reveals more about oneself. They take comfort in knowing who they are taking an interest in. Gee whiz, thank you Sophia! Now I understand. (In super hero voice) Anytime my friend. Anytime.

So let us begin!

1. Beer. Yes, beer. Ksssssssss oh the heavenly sound of a cold can opening on a hot summers day is pure bliss!

2. Sometimes I can't tell my sisters apart. You'd think the fact that they aren't twins would help but... I also occasionally call them the wrong name too... I'm a bad sister. 

3. There is a possibility that I may be Miranda Harts long lost sister. Or cousin. Well when I say possibility I mean that I have been compared to her more that a few times. As well as being a fan of her TV show... such fun!

4... is one of my favourite numbers. Number five just seems so pompous.

5. I have a one of a kind of Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe pop art. To be clear, it is only a poster copy and I once tried to stick a fake moustache on the upper lip. It didn't cling on as well as I hoped but dear Marilyn still has a shadow there of where it once was.
I am proud of this. 
6. In 2011 I did I skydive which nearly made my bodily fluids erupt from all possible areas... but they didn't so we're all good. Snaps for Sophia!

7. I can recite the films Blazing Saddles, Monty Python And The Holy Grail, and the musicals Rent and The Producers word for word from start to finish. Some people think it's not something to be proud of, whereas I believe it is a great power. And with great power comes great responsibility does it not?... Why am I asking you? 

8. I only joined twitter last Sunday. Yay! I tried to resist the mainstream, but alas I failed. 'Tweeting' is now officially part of my vocabulary.

9. I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry. Oh and Rihanna. If I have to explain to you why, you better dig yourself out of that hole you have been living in for the past 5 years.

10. My dog took a shit in the middle of the road the other day. Just thought you might like to know... 

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