Friday, 30 August 2013

Alternative Weekend Wardrobe

Yay! It's the weekend! Let's go out and celebrate that seven days have gone by again! Woo-hoo! Let's party and do crazy things!

Or not.

It is indeed the end of the week and you are here reading this instead of joining in the revelry occurring elsewhere. Now, I like the weekend. I absolutely adore it when I have things to do or people to see.

But then there are the other times. Times when you don't have money to go out with your friends, times when you have to loads of catching up to do on Game Of Thrones (even though that's all you've been doing all day) or times you've been invited to a compulsory family gathering. These are examples of when it pains us that we are not out for the evening celebrating... well, whatever we celebrate on the weekend and that instead you are barred from this social gathering on the one night that feels as if everyone is having the time of their lives. You'll probably see all the pictures on Facebook come the morning. But probably one of the most popular of reasons why one does not join in the merrymaking: you just can't be bothered.

Let's face it, sometimes it can be a pain in the arse having to go out every weekend. You have to decide where you're going, how much money you'll need, who else is going, where are pre-drinks happening, and is there going to be pre-drinking in the first place! Too much brain activity goes into organising something that is supposed to be a fun time with your friends. Not to mention that for women, most of that thinking is concentrated on a matter that can take hours to conclude that all begins with a simple question, 'What shall I wear?' An innocent question it may seem but behind that lies a cruel darkness. Things can start to get tense and before you know it you're crying on the floor, assumed the face-to-floor-starfish pose and having smudged the make-up you carefully applied an hour earlier complain to your friend that you can't possibly wear any of your clothes because they all make you look fat anyway. It's all a bit drama-queen-esque but come on now, we all have those moments.

For those of us who don't go out on a weekly (or even daily) basis for whatever reason, good on you I say! You have my full support! Of course we enjoy letting loose occasionally but who can refuse a cosy evening in your dressing gown and your Spongebob Squarepants slippers? On the one hand you may be torn apart by the idea that you could be out having fun with people but on the other you can take comfort in the fact that you are in control of your night! You can eat/drink/wear/sing/dance anything you like because in your home you are the 'King of the castle!' (10 imaginary Sophia points for telling me what film that quotes from). Personally, I recommend an evening of ordering a takeaway, watching good, old movies (preferably musicals) before retiring to your bed for the evening, the sofa.

Here comes the fashion advice: the dress code for the evening should be Casual Pyjama which includes any old(ish) loose fitted clothing, whatever has a stretchy waist band, and a blanket of your choosing. Make-up is strictly forbidden and those who require prescription glasses MUST wear them. Here are some examples of what qualifies for such an occasion...

Canine company is optional.

So take no shame in your night in! Flop around the house, don't move for hours, and just take in the fact that you don't have to be anywhere or do anything for the whooooooooooole evening! Speaking of which, I've just poured myself a glass of wine and selected Some Like It Hot, Pocahontas and High Society for this evenings viewing - shits going to get crazy tonight!

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Monday, 19 August 2013

What do you think?

Hello again! How was your weekend? I had a lovely weekend thank you (that's me assuming that you're polite). I went to support my younger sister as she did her first ever tandem skydive. As soon as she landed, she was ecstatic and wanted to do it all over again. Slightly worrying at the moment but let's hope that flinging herself out of aeroplanes at great heights will not become a hobby. And for the rest of the weekend I watched film upon film (including Oz: The Great And Powerful, which I actually really liked!). 

Right, enough about that. Let's get onto the main course. Today I went shopping for something I needed, and instead I ended up coming back with something that I wanted instead. I popped into The Body Shop for a quick browse when these eye shadows caught my eye. I was recently advised by friends to be more open to using colourful make-up and I just couldn't resist. The colours in the set are good because you have lighter shades for summer/spring and the darker ones for autumn/winter. But what I did here was combine all four! Crazy I know, I just love living dangerously.What do you think? 

If you want to see the full finished look i.e. my whole face (not just my eye), go on my instagram.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

And I'm Feeling Good!

I did a bad thing. I bought a train ticket home with a railcard discount and I didn't have my railcard on me! This just had to be the day when a ticket inspector came into my carriage. 'Twas a little embarrassing I must admit. A £20 fine for a 10 minute journey! Quite steep if you ask me, but I suppose that's what you get for being a little dishonest. Just need to reign in my inner rebel a bit.

Until then, my day was going swimmingly! I started with watching Frasier (what else?), I had downloaded Jamie Cullum's new album Momentum on iTunes (it's brilliant by the way), and I had just a lovely lunch with my good friend Lauren. As a result of university we are both moving to London as of September! The big city! I wonder what awaits us there... 

Now, onto business. I loved what I was wearing today. Sometimes it's good to be a little vain and say to yourself, 'Yeah, I look good!' which is how I felt. And something as simple as the clothes you wear effect your mood for the whole day. The outfit is comfortable, good for the temperamental English summer weather and a colourful dress always brightens up your day (after you've unnecessarily lost £20). 

Nothing can get you down if you feel great! 

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Sunday, 11 August 2013


Those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen that the reason why I have not been actively blogging is because I have in fact been soaking up the sun in Croatia! Already I miss just getting up and going to the beach everyday. And my god what a be-a-utiful country it is! My reasons for visiting Croatia were to see some very dear friends of mine from school and it was as if we'd only seen each other yesterday. The fact that a whole year had passed seemed impossible! (I would like to stress that the following photos have no effects on them. All the colours are completely natural.)
 Now, our journey began in Rijeka, which is a lovely city built around the huge port with access to the Adriatic sea. The first thing that I found a struggle to overcome was the heat! I totally forgot what 35°c felt like, so I was positively glowing for the first few days before I began to adjust. I must now take a moment to show my huge appreciation to the hospitality shown to us by our friends family. They looked after us so well and fed us like kings! What more could we ask for?
Next stop, the town of Pula! Home to a Roman amphitheatre known as the Pula arena and for someone like myself who is fascinated by classical history, this was most exciting. While we were there, a film festival was taking place right in the middle of the arena which I thought was fantastic! Don't you think it's brilliant that as well as preserving something of such historical significance they are also still using it?
The only cloudy day - on the boat.
Once we returned to Rijeka we prepared ourselves for the reason we were here, main course of our holiday - the journey to Bol, on the island of Bra─Ź. This began with a 12 hour overnight boat ride for which we slept outside on the deck all snuggled up in our sleeping bags. We knew it wouldn't be the best nights sleeps but it could have been better had it not been for the bunch of Croatian Geordie Shore look-alikes who were causing a huge amount of noise and fuss. The thing that got on my tits the most was that all the guys had such stupid haircuts! You know the one where guys shave of the side of the heads and then leave a huge tuft of hair on top that doesn't move because of the amount of gel or wax that's in it? What is that about?!
Sleepy in Split.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, we arrived in the coastal city of Split (which is another stunning Croatian city) at 7am sharp and with small amount of sleep that we were granted, us girls were not in the best mood. Nonetheless we pulled ourselves together and had a mini-explore of Split (as well as a power nap). What a scorching day it was as well! It was here that we met up with the last of our troupe and we six ladies were off. By katamaran we all finally arrived to the town Bol, greeted by my friends rather handsome cousin (no seriously, I have never seen such a fine specimen of male).

For the week we stayed in Bol, our timetable was (roughly) as follows:

Wake up 12-1pm / Eat 1-3pm / Beach 3-7or 8pm/ Shower, eat, get dressed 8-10pm/ Party 10pm-6am/ Wake up 12-1pm

And so the cycle continued. Although we did have two detox evenings where we watched movies instead.
With the girls.
 If you have made it to the end of this post, thank you for reading. I know it's long but the truth be told, this is only the outlines of what happened. My holiday was a little juicier but, we shall leave it for another time.  My friend, I can see that your eyelids are being pressed down by the weight of sleep so I shall finish with one thing ... GO TO CROATIA!!!
Sunrise in Bol.