Wednesday, 14 August 2013

And I'm Feeling Good!

I did a bad thing. I bought a train ticket home with a railcard discount and I didn't have my railcard on me! This just had to be the day when a ticket inspector came into my carriage. 'Twas a little embarrassing I must admit. A £20 fine for a 10 minute journey! Quite steep if you ask me, but I suppose that's what you get for being a little dishonest. Just need to reign in my inner rebel a bit.

Until then, my day was going swimmingly! I started with watching Frasier (what else?), I had downloaded Jamie Cullum's new album Momentum on iTunes (it's brilliant by the way), and I had just a lovely lunch with my good friend Lauren. As a result of university we are both moving to London as of September! The big city! I wonder what awaits us there... 

Now, onto business. I loved what I was wearing today. Sometimes it's good to be a little vain and say to yourself, 'Yeah, I look good!' which is how I felt. And something as simple as the clothes you wear effect your mood for the whole day. The outfit is comfortable, good for the temperamental English summer weather and a colourful dress always brightens up your day (after you've unnecessarily lost £20). 

Nothing can get you down if you feel great! 

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