Thursday, 17 October 2013

How To Have Fun When You're Skint

 News to one and all, I have officially become a student  because I have no money. Yes, darling Sophia hasn't been careful with her spending and has no choice now but to sit in a dark corner and to wait for some kind of a miracle to occur. No, not really. I'm going to find things to do to keep myself busy... until that miracle occurs, simples!

So here is my guide of things to do when your skint because everyone is at some point. The moment when you realise that all the money you have in the world is in fact non existent and the only form of payment you have is in Pokemon cards.

1. Watch movies. Many movies.
2. Experiment and makes new things with your clothes/make-up/hair/paper/cardboard boxes/cooking pots.
A few ways to spend your time.
3. Learn the 'Cup Song'. It's harder than it looks! 
4. Make up a new dance trend that will take over the world! Like the Harlem Gangnam Twerk (it's going to be a thing).
5. If your friends want to go out to a bar, go with them. You may not be able to buy a drink, but in the morning when your friends' memories are failing them, you can helpfully fill in the gaps with a little fiction here and there. 
6. Devise a plan to find out whether there is someone living in the (maybe not so) empty room in your flat or whether you've been hearing voices in your head.
7. Find that slipper you've been missing for two weeks... seriously, where the hell is it?!
8. Seeing as you don't have money for a costume, find items in your rooms that you can use to create a Halloween look.
Totally rocking the sun-burnt-ghost-on-holiday look. 
9. Try and figure out how on earth Sherlock is still alive after he jumped off that building. How Sherlock?! HOW?!
10. Write a blog post about how to have fun when your skint.

Have I missed anything out?

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  1. Lol, omg I've been watching movies and tv shows so much it has become part of my routine
    Btw you should start watching orange is the new black! I'm obsessed

  2. This was very entertaining to read and I will be trying some of these out!


  3. Love this! Amazing ideas haha xx