Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Life In London

I have lost a slipper and it is doing my head in. I took it off a couple of minutes ago to try on some new shoes and now I can't find it any where! Absolutely bizarre. It's somewhere in my room but it... isn't? I feel like I'm going mad. This feels a lot like the time when I couldn't find my glasses for half an hour and then realised they were on my head. So here I sit, typing away with a chilly foot, how tedious. Anyway...

Who knew Somerset house was so beautiful? It was my first time going there today and I was actually quite taken aback. Of course I always knew of the its existence but because of its layout, it's sort of hidden from street view. My destination within the premises was the Courtauld Gallery and I was really impressed by the range of art there was. Pieces from the Medieval period to some questionable so-called 'modern art'. And until today, who knew that I actually have an opinion on art! ('Tis indeed a day of many a 'who knew'-ing)  My reason for being here was that I was set the assignment of having to find a self-portrait that I like. And this is what I liked... 
Roger Fry - Self Portrait (Courtesy of Wikipedia.)
I could bang on for a bit about how the colours represent his feelings at that moment or the way his hat is tilted is a sign of how many pets he had as a child but I won't. I will say though that I find that there is something quite honest about this self-portrait. Nothing fancy. Just straight a forward portrait. And nothing tops of a day of cultural enhancement better than joining your friends in a pub until the last order are called in. Did I wake up in the morning still feeling a little squiffy? Yes. But it was totally worth it! 

And just for a bit of fun, here is something that put a smile on my face... 


  1. Eepp! So gorgeous! Beautiful pictures.

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

  2. awesome photographs! :)
    Love London so so much!


  3. lovely pics :)


  4. I am so jealous you live in London!!! <3

    Emma xo


  5. What a beautiful photos