Monday, 25 November 2013

Star Wars Auditions

So guess what I was up to last weekend? Oh yes, I went to the Star Wars auditions at  Twickenham Stadium and what a loooooooooooooooooong day it was.

4am. My alarm clock turns on the radio as my wake up call, which can be nice. Sometimes the song that's playing may be one of my favourites and puts me in a really good mood or the presenter may be telling a good story that helps kick start my day. But the radio isn't quite the same at 4am than it is at 8am. There are only four hours between the radio shows but what a difference! The music I woke up to on Saturday was of a sort of dreamy/electronic/synth pop, which was helpful in disorientating me even more than I already was. Weird, weird stuff.

Walking down the streets of London in the early hours of the morning, when it is still dark, isn't exactly the safest activity to engage in, however I had no other choice. As I was setting off, I saw a few groups of people returning from clubs. There were terribly drunk girls walking back home carrying their high heels instead of wearing them and similarly pissed guys shouting after me, 'Oi darlin' how ya doin'?'

5:30am. As soon as got off the train at Twickenham, all of a sudden there was a huge rush of other young hopefuls heading for the exit. Where did they all come from?! It was as if they all apparated there at the same time! The rush then turned into a race to try and see who would get there first. When I joined the queue of people outside the stadium there must have been a few hundred people there already. Who would have thought so many people would be awake at this time?
10:45am. The queuing process was horrendous. As soon as you thought, Oh yeah I'm finally at the front of the line! you turned a corner only to find that there was miles more queuing to be done. Whilst waiting in line, I did make friends with a lovely gal called Honey who chatted to me for the full 7 hours we were herded very much like cattle. That's right 7 HOURS, throughout which I had lost all feeling in my toes - it was so cold! But to keep morale high, there was the odd storm trooper just casually walking around taking photos with people, just in case we'd gotten so cold that we'd forgotten what we were actually waiting around for.

12:10pm. Finally I was ushered into a tent where I had to take off my coat, hat, scarf etc. before handing in my photo and paperwork to a member of staff (I assume). They looked at my photo and compared it to me in the flesh and ushered me forward. Outside there was a woman who grabbed my photo and said, 'Thank you so much for coming, we will let you know if anything else comes up.'.............. And that was it! 7 hours of standing in the cold only to be looked up and down once and turned away. Although I do understand that they had to see a lot of people in one day. When Honey and I left the stadium, I couldn't believe that there were still huge queues of people outside the stadium! If only they knew...

So not the most successful day I've had. It turns out I wasn't the 'chosen one' for Star Wars and paid the price by waiting around with numb feet for a few hours and walking away with a horrible cold.

1:45pm. I eventually recovered all feeling in my feet and was on the train home, where I was greeted by this lovely fella who cheered me up immensely.

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